Make Your Website More User-Friendly By Localizing

Are you struggling with getting more visitors to your website? Your business website is very important since it can get you more customers especially if it is easy to understand and navigate. One of the biggest challenges your website may face, however, is the language barrier.

You might be receiving a lot of visits from people around the world who wants to know more about your products and services but couldn’t understand some words because they are only written in one language. This problem can be solved by using a tool that will help your website to be more convenient for everyone. And a great tool to check out for this task is

Localizer is based in Sydney and is composed of professionals that can help you with your website. The team was founded in 2014 by Sinan Kaya and has been growing their number of clients ever since. This team’s promise is to make your website stand out by making it multi-lingual so that more people can understand it to increase your chances of getting more customers.

Localizer offers different ways of translating your website. According to them, you can simply localize and translate Bubble, WordPress and other websites with their services in three simple steps. It’s by using a code in your header, ordering a professional’s translation, and publishing your website in different languages.

If you’re still curious about what localization can do to your website, then here are some advantages of localization for your website that you should know.

Selling Your Products And Services Abroad

In order to give more information about your company and what you are selling, your customers must be able to read and understand the language used in your website. Having customers around the world means that you will have to cater to people with different languages.

Improving Conversion Rates

According to a research by Harvard Business Review, 56.2% of consumers said that the customer’s ability to obtain information in their own language is more important for them than the product’s price. This means that giving lower prices or more discounts doesn’t have an impact as big as having a website that will properly make the customers understand what they are looking at. Of course, people are more likely going to patronize websites in their own language than the ones that are not.

Improving User Experience And SEO

Being able to communicate with your customer is important to provide them with a good user experience. By doing this, they will come back to your site and spend more time in it. Remember that as your customers browse through your website that is localized into their own language, they are going to understand what you are trying to sell. If they are impressed, they will patronize your website and your products which will greatly benefit your SEO too since it will increase your traffic.

Localizing your website is cost-efficient and will give your company an opportunity to grow internationally by reaching out to more people around the world with the help of the internet. And will help you achieve all of the advantages of localization in the easiest way possible.