Lead Tracking Software Explained


Lead tracking software is a tool that online marketers use to track and manage their sales leads, from the time they become a lead when they sign up to the time when they actually buy from you. It is, essentially, a CRM or Customer Relationship Management software that can be used by all the members of your sales team.

If you search for “lead tracking software” on Google, you will see that there are many brands of lead tracking software out there. Who do you choose?4

One way to make a decision is by checking out the top rated ones and choosing one from among them, but not before checking out their features and prices. More importantly, not before checking out what users are saying about them. Review magazines currently cite Leadpath, PipeDrive, ProsperWorks CRM, amoCRM, Teamgate, and myphoner, as the top brands.

While they offer more or less the same type of service, there are slight differences between them. For one, services like Myphoner are dedicated to cold calls, which means that they are the perfect fit if you are running a call center that calls people to offer your service or product. On the other hand, PipeDrive can be integrated with Google Apps, MailChimp, and other services, making them the perfect solution for companies that are using different marketing channels to reach out to their target market.

What features are the most useful to you? That is perhaps the most important question that you can ask yourself when it comes to choosing a lead tracking software.

The second most important thing to consider, in our mind, is the ease of which you can easily use a software. If you are running a large sales team, it is very important to use a product where you can easily assign leads to the members of team while those leads are hot.

Ease-of-use is something that you can only determine if you have used a product for some time. Thankfully for you, most of the software brands you will find on the market have a trial period where you can use a product for free. Take advantage of this offer as you are looking at the reviews written by different users.

As you are looking at reviews, you might be tempted to find reviews that are negative. While this is helpful, what you want to do is to read reviews that give you insights on how a particular product is being used.

If the verdict by different people is good, feel free to subscribe. How much does it cost? It costs on average $10 per month per user for light features that offer 2GB of storage per person (we’re looking at the price of Pipedrive here). So, if you have five people, it will cost you $50 per month. As you move storage capacity in features, the price moves up to $21 and $63 for each person on your team (again we’re looking at PipeDrive here). But this price is not representative of other services.